Since 1991 Richard Frankland has been a provider of a wide range of Indigenous and cross-cultural awareness lectures and workshops to community groups, business, government and educational institutions around Australia through his company Koorreen Enterprises.

His main focus in this area is Lateral Violence which is endemic throughout Indigenous communities throughout the world. Lateral Violence  is a ‘hangover’ from colonisation. It is debilitating and operates on our fears, our rage, our anger and our distrust. It promotes violence, emotional, spiritual and physical.

In the words of one community member:

 “Lateral Violence is cultural suicide, when we practice Lateral Violence we are committing cultural genocide on ourselves”

-Community Member, Shepparton Lateral Violence Session


Richard travels all over the country delivering training workshops to counteract Lateral Violence and promote Cultural Safety. The workshops include the topics:

  • Lateral Violence awareness
  • The origins of Lateral Violence within the Indigenous Communities
  • What it is?
  • How we already practice it
  • How we can create it
  • How it restricts
  • Bullying, Lateral Violence and the Law.
  • Policy and its use against Lateral Violence.
  • Mediation Techniques.

The end result of these sessions is the empowerment to break the cycle of LAteral Violence and put an end to a way of life that is poisoning Aboriginal communities and in many cases causing the breakdown of 1,500 generations of community values.

Cultural Safety is a workshop primarily designed for the Australian Indigenous population but can be adapted to fit other ethnic groups as required.

Some of the topics covered in this program include:

  • A place where you feel safe to be yourself within your cultural framework
  • A feeling of safety that comes about by seeing, feeling, experiencing the positives of your people and culture
  • Speak learn or reclaim your language and customs
  • Experience, learn or reclaim your cultural practice
  • Lateral violence
  • Cultural Safety

This is a course Richard designed to educate the non Indigenous Australian in the Cultural Traits and Loads of the Indigenous Australian. The usual audience for this course is school teachers, health workers and non Indigenous workers working within Indigenous Communites.

Some comments from Cultural Awareness Workshops held at Brauer College in December 2011:

“I have learnt that what has been and is occurring with some indigenous students & families is not personal but about cultural safety for all of us. This has given me an awareness of issues I was not aware of and has helped me personally”

“I learnt how much I didn’t really know about the Aboriginal / Koorie Culture”

“I know have a way forward as I hadn’t before”

“Presented in a very non-threatening way which avoided people feeling the need to be defensive of white attitudes. Anecdotal approach made it more immediate / personal.

Richard is also a facilitator and Key Note speaker.

Richard has 20 years experience in public speaking and presentation. His subject list includes but is not limited to Indigenous Health, Lateral Violence, Cultural Safety, Filmmaking, Voice as a Therapeutic Tool or Deaths in Custody. Richard also speaks about his own life experiences as an Aboriginal man.

As a facilitator, Richard has the ability to start the audience participation and keep a session rolling and on time with his subtle but effective directing of the flow of the workshop.

Contact Richard at Koorreen Enterprises for more details.