Digger J. Jones

Richard’s talent as a wordsmith is known throughout the world and his writings have been published under the headings of:


And Richard continues to write and is currently working on a new play in collaboration with La Mama, a second Digger J Jones novel and is adapting some of his writing towards a new feature film script.

Digger J Jones is Richard’s first children’s novel and tells the story of 10 year old Koori boy set in the period around the 1967 referendum.

Digger J Jones was released nationally by Scholastic Press in April 2007 and received rave reviews in the SUNDAY AGE and GOOD READING MAGAZINE.

In June 2007 Richard was invited to speak about Digger J Jones at the SYDNEY WRITERS FESTIVAL.



Text Box:  Richards latest novella, The Naming of Yellow Hair was released in January 2013 as part of the Yarning Strong project under the heading of Identity. The series has been published under the Oxford Literacy Project. Purchase details are available at; </p>



Richard’s advice to young, aspiring writers:

“Just write. Observe, listen and write. Listen to the stories and don’t be afraid to tell the stories yourself either. The more you practice, the more you write, the better you’ll be and one day you’ll look back and think, ‘Who wrote that? That’s absolutely wonderful!’ and you’ll realise that it was yourself.

The beautiful thing about writing is when you write something it stops belonging to you. It belongs to the world. I love when an actor or someone uses my poem and puts life into the words that I’ve written and makes them dance off the page. You can see the light coming into their eyes as they own the character. This is when you realise that you were just the vehicle, you just put it there and they bring it to life.

Writing becomes a gift. It’s not just you anymore.”